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Environmental Change in the News 12/02/11 to 12/05/11

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

Women, Africans seen as frontline victims of warming -- U.N.

The 'water poor' will suffer the most as climate change hits an Indian city -- study

Some corals may survive as oceans become more acidic

Researchers document receding glacier in Patagonia

Research shows where farming conditions of today mirror those of the future

NOAA chief calls storm-ridden 2011 'a harbinger of things to come'

Mongolia's capital looks to cool itself with ice

Many parts of Africa show effects from climate change

Climate change may impair the food production of high-latitude countries

Climate change alters migration of wetland birds

Animals face greater extinction risks from climate change -- FAO


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