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Environmental Change in the News 8/13/12 to 9/14/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

2012 on track to be warmest ever for most of U.S.

Australian winemakers in bruising battle with climate change

Avalanche lilies may reveal impact of climate change on flowers and pollinators

Booming Fla. sea turtle population threatened by climate change

Caribbean corals decline sharply from rising sea temperatures

China and India struggle with limited water resources

Climate change could lead to more severe crime waves

Climate change poses wide range of health risks -- study

Companies tackle 'weird water' risks head-on

Disease, pathogens linked to climate change produce new challenges

Drought reduces water available for energy production, temporarily shuts down plants

Experts fear climate change will slow global fight against HIV/AIDS epidemic

Experts say nations must adapt to changing climate, diseases

Food prices hit a record in July -- World Bank

Hurricane Isaac hampers bird migration

Lebanese national treasure threatened by climate change

Melting permafrost to accelerate global warming -- study

Ore, wine industry threatened by rising temperatures

Pine beetle damage declines for a second year

Price of popcorn pops as crop supply sags

Rapidly melting South American glaciers contribute to sea level rise

Record-breaking Arctic thaw is 'undiscovered territory'

Report blames climate change for summer's heat-related maladies

Researchers find clearing rainforests can cut rainfall over a much wider area

Researchers find Tenn., without an adaptation plan, could be hard hit by climate change

Scientists present a complex picture of Earth's 'Third Pole'

Severe droughts can have 'far-reaching impacts' on the health of rivers and streams

Shrinking Arctic ice could produce a wayward winter

Study warns Iberian Peninsula trout may die out by 2100 due to climate change

Texas coalition sets out to save much-needed aquifer

Threats to Amazon now lie outside Brazil

Warming climate benefits Kenyan fruit and vegetable growers, challenges corn producers



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