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Environmental Change in the News 7/28/12 to 8/12/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

'No explanation other than climate change' for extreme weather -- Hansen

1988 vs 2012: How heat waves and droughts fuel climate perception

Barges hit sandbars on the Mississippi River, stall traffic

Beekeepers are abuzz over climate change and mounting bee losses

British Columbia's coast at risk from climate change -- study

Calif. leaders brace for threats from air, land, sea

Calif. plans expert group to help farmers adapt to climate threats

China faces a water crisis that could worsen without coordinated government response --study

Chronic droughts to become 'commonplace' -- study

Climate change likely to produce winners and losers among U.S. bird populations

Climate change threatens songbird, study suggests

Deforestation continues to decline in Brazilian Amazon, government estimates suggest

Drought affects construction, entertainment along with farmers

Drought could drive crop-destroying pest infestation

Dust Bowl, 1988 both eclipse 2012 drought, scientists say

Experts expect drought to increase food price indicators/a>

Extreme weather devastates country's poorest in the Dominican Republic

Global warming may make Seattle cloudier

Hotter days might decrease economic growth in poor nations -- study

India's drought punishes farmers, highlights challenges to climate change adaptation

Insurers resist effort to ascertain 'systemic' risk from climate change

Lack of deaths from epic Iowa flood traced to training for power plant accident -- report

Logging in Tanzania exacerbates climate change impacts, residents say

More acidic ocean will have most potent impact on shellfish in cooler climates -- study

Nepali farmers blame crop failure on climate change

NOAA rates July hottest month ever recorded in U.S.

Oil-rich Alberta faces quadruple water threat

Oyster farms face crisis with ocean acidification

Warming climate causes wildfires, study says

Planners plot strategies to cool urban areas

Report highlights Karachi's losing battle with climate change

Researchers find glaciers hurry up and then wait

Researchers probe 'yuck factor' in attempts to extend water supplies

Rising heat and humidity could cut dairy production -- experts

Scientists study climate change impacts on Great Plains grasses

Ski resorts will turn to snow-making tech as climate warms

Soaring temperatures heat up lakes, rivers and streams in the Midwest

Southwestern shrubland to shift to grassland as climate changes

Soybeans suffer in drought but may escape corn crop's fate

Sustainable ranching takes hold in the U.S. West

Texas, Calif. to face more climate-induced downpours -- report

Thousands require rescue after floods inundate much of Manila

U.S. electric grid bucks the summer heat but may need help in the future

Warming seas mean Bangladesh risks expanded storm cycle -- study



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