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Environmental Change in the News 6/4/12 to 6/8/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

Canadian insurers warned to adapt to floods, fires and flood of damage claims

Climate change may improve harvests in parts of India

Climate change will create severe power and food shortages for Latin America and the Caribbean

Drought-tolerant corn may be good for farmers, but gains to society are questionable -- report

Effects of climate change gaining more attention

Exotic diseases from warmer climates gain foothold in the U.S.

Global warming is helping trees grow in the Arctic

Hummingbird migration falling out of sync with wildflower blooms

In 80-year-old photographs, clues to declining Arctic ice

In Va., the natural and man-made share the risk from rising seas

N.C. counties want to exclude climate predictions from planning

Peru needs to monitor glacier loss, U.N. experts say

Researchers say new agriculture methods and crops could halve food price inflation

Researchers see the Earth nearing a 'tipping point' to rapid environmental changes

Sea-level rise prompts some Californians to move inland

Secretary Clinton says rapid climate change in the Arctic poses a challenge

Study identifies 'natural strongholds' for species displaced by climate change

Warmer average temperatures may reduce summer output of power plants -- study



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