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Environmental Change in the News 5/7/12 to 5/11/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

Australian experts look to climate 'time machine'

Chilean researchers see resurrection of beaches of the past

Climate change could trigger 110-degree heat waves in Calif.

Erratic weather makes Idaho water management a struggle

Louisville, Ky., may be heating up faster than normal -- study

More study needed to prevent future water wars -- report

Rising acidity threatens crucial marine algae -- study

Scientist says climate change triggers earthquakes and volcanoes

Scientists search for clues to past climate in sedimentary cores from Calif. lake

Unusual weather devastates Mich. fruit crops

Warm currents threaten to expand Antarctic melting

World Bank gets 'Apps for Climate' contest response



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