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Environmental Change in the News 4/20/12 to 4/23/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

'Heat island' effect makes urban trees grow faster

Africa sits atop vast groundwater reserves -- survey

Ala. is not prepared for climate change impacts -- study

Arctic methane appears concentrated near broken sea ice

Australia, considering public flood insurance, is warned against underpricing policies

Barbados approves climate change policy

Boston to shrug aside climate risk, proceed with waterfront development

Brazilian Congress passes latest Forest Code

China will need more than infrastructure to meet water scarcity -- report

Clean energy lag means world is headed for 6-degree-Celsius temperature rise, says IEA

Climate will be biggest factor in future corn price spikes

Could climate change have caused the Salem witch hunts?

Global warming could bring disease- spreading mosquitoes to northwest Europe

Jellyfish benefiting from human activity

Latest global food prices signal future spikes

Mangrove forests, an effective climate buffer, are threatened by land use, industry

Partnerships, policy key to ensuring food security

Reforestation project in Indonesia makes feeble progress

Relief from the massive dry spell in the Great Plains could be only temporary, experts say

Speedup of ocean water cycle could affect world food supplies

Tribes challenge decision granting rural water to Las Vegas

Vietnamese businesses ill-prepared for climate-linked disasters -- study

Warmer ocean water accelerates Antarctic ice loss

Warming is creating 'storms' below the ocean's surface -- study



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