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Environmental Change in the News 3/2/12 to 3/04/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

Australians find warming climate changes the flavor and aroma of wines

Cassava root thrives in warmer temperatures

Climate will expand capital costs needed for future drinking water -- report

Coastal Indian city moves forward with climate action plan

El Salvador's schools, citizens prepare for extreme weather

Environmental neglect threatens Zambia's population and resources

Global warming casts its shadow over America's favorite sport

Man-made CO2 pushes the world's oceans into an acidic 'unknown territory'

Monsanto scientist says chances to mitigate climate change are 'dim'

More Americans say they believe in climate change -- survey

Mountain pine beetles contributing to climate 'feedback loop'

Rapidly melting Arctic ice appears to have caused snowy winters in U.S. and Europe

Record dry spell eases, but Texas' rice crop may be cooked

Reinsurers press Congress to reduce U.S. risk from climate change

Retrofitting buildings could create jobs and save $1T -- study

South Pacific islands pool resources to handle impacts of climate change

Thick Arctic ice melting fast -- study


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