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Environmental Change in the News 01/10/12 to 01/29/12

Reprinted from ClimateWire with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202-628-6500.

Cold-weather bug faces threat from warming streams -- researchers

Climate change threatens nation's prosperity

Climate change benefits Antarctica's wandering albatross

Check your seed packets -- USDA says garden varieties are moving north

Bill requires Hawaii to prepare for sea levels' rise

Beetles and balmy weather threaten Canada's favorite tree

A warmer future could make Colo. mountain hail disappear

A goose spotted in Mass. could be a sign of climate change

Global warming may affect hedgehog hibernation

Global warming could benefit colder nations

Global warming benefits trumpeter swans in Alaska

FEMA faces criticism for increasing risky development behind levees

Fla. cities' climate change problems grow worse as you move south

Dwindling glaciers in Olympic National Park

Dome of water rising at the top of the world

Could climate change throw the traditional balance of water and energy off kilter?

Interior releases draft U.S. plan to protect species from harsh climate impacts

Interior Department forms team of scientists to help deal with crises

How the Dutch make 'room for the river' by redesigning downtown

Home insurance rates rise with extreme weather

Global warming threatens ducks in Canada's boreal forests

Global warming threatens Ariz. songbirds

Global warming should delay the next ice age

Global warming means disaster aid should focus more on prevention

Urban water and sewage systems will need an overhaul to cope with climate change -- study

U.S. experts to help Fiji develop climate change plans

U.K. climate impacts -- the good, the bad and the fishy

States facing the wind resist efforts to storm-proof homes

Some researchers see no clear link between climate change and future wars

Research signals an end is coming for species in Europe's alpine meadows

Officials try to keep south Fla.'s lush seaside life above the tide

USAID will emphasize climate change aid strategies in its 5-year plan

Where the 'Live free or die' ethic is being tested by the sea

Watershed focus will make forest planning rule more attuned to climate change



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