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Bellwether island shows possible impacts of climate change -- scientists

Canada moves on climate-enhanced algae blooms in Great Lakes

Climate change is bad news for Calif. children with asthma

Climate change may bring Maine more cranberries along with peaches and kiwis

Climate change, tourism hasten glacial melt

Corn and bean stocks to decline with changing climate in Central America

El Niño unlikely to relieve drought-stricken U.S.

Extreme weather increasing most drastically in North America -- report

Global warming could stunt growth of fish

Indian farm production becoming resistant to climate change, government official says

Midwest and Great Plains are warming, scientists say

More powerful storms push harmful matter into drinking water -- study

Most farmers see climate change but can't see humans causing it

Neb. sits in the oven of the drought

Odds build in favor of 2012 being warmest year across the U.S.

Researchers find links between Arctic melting and summer floods and fires

Southwestern trees will dwindle with climate change

Storms, coral-eating starfish menace Great Barrier Reef

U.S. agency reiterates forecast of weak El Niño

U.S. drought continues to spread, hitting a new record