CIRUN - Climate Information: Responding to User Needs

CIRUN at the WCRP Conference

The conference drew more than 400 experts from industries as diverse as insurance, agriculture, transportation, human health and national security, and from every discipline of the climate science community. The goal was to get a sense of the need to plan for environmental change. The importance for the country’s economy, ecosystems, infrastructure, public health and population distribution quickly became clear. This assessment has since been reinforced by detailed expert reports from respected national organizations.

There was general consensus that efforts should be targeted at providing actionable information to the private sector and local and state governments, and that this would require a new level of interdisciplinary cooperation of climate scientists with other disciplines, and new methods of interaction with decision makers to ensure that the effort is focused on responding to their most essential needs. There was a clear sense that the country has the capacity to build an information system for the environment whose reliability can be assessed and which will support planning in areas of major importance to society. For further information see:

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