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Climate Impacts Symposium

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) hosted a workshop on May 21, 2012, regarding the planning implications of potential changes in precipitation patterns, sea level rise, flooding, and water quality in the national capital area. Following welcoming remarks from Stuart Freudberg of COG, Antonio Busalacchi was one of four speakers in the morning session focusing on Climate Changes in the Region and was joined by Don Bosch of UMCES (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science), Ray Najjar of The Pennsylvania State University, and Wayne Smith from Noblis in Falls Church, VA. The afternoon session focused on Planning Implications to Multiple Sectors and featured four speakers. The event overall had over 90 attendees. With respect to the region, the meeting sought to address the following questions: What are the actual data trends telling us, and what do modeling results predict about the effects of climate change? How can climate trends be incorporated into water, land use, and transportation planning? And finally, what are the next steps moving forward to improve climate resilience?

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