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Chesapeake Bay Forecast System (CBFS)
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For the atmospheric component of its integrated system, CBFS uses an advanced version of a model called Weather Research and Forecasting, or WRF, first developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The resulting Advanced Research WRF (ARW) provides a comprehensive view of surface/atmosphere energy transfer, vertical and horizontal heat transport, air pressure and currents, precipitation, temperature, evaporation, cloud cover and numerous other variables.

The rectangular "grid" area used by ARW covers the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed, extending from the middle of New York southward through northern North Carolina, and from West Virginia eastward to about 100 miles off the mid-Atlantic coast. It models the surface at a resolution of about 4.5 X 4.5 miles, and the vertical air column in units as small as 35 feet.

ARW provides the basis of CMPS' current ability to provide 16-day weather forecasts for the bay area. That time span will soon be extended to a month or more as additional data are added and more testing is completed.

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