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Chesapeake Bay Forecast System (CBFS)
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Application of Regional Downscaling to HAB Forecasting

CBFS Seminars and Invited Talks

Efficient Kriging for Real-Time Spatio-Temporal Interpolation
Efficient Kriging for Real-Time Spatio-Temporal Interpolation-Poster

Interim report on the NASA funding for Pilot Applications of the Chesapeake Bay Forecast System

Observational Needs for Regional Earth System Prediction

Observational Needs for Sustainable Coastal Prediction and Management

Predicting the Distribution of Vibrio spp. in the Chesapeake Bay: A Vibrio cholerae Case Study

Predicting Potentially Toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia Blooms in the Chesapeake Bay

Regional Earth System Prediction: A decision-making tool for Sustainability?

Regional Forecasting of California HABs

A Remote Sensing and Regional Downscaling Approach to the Ecological Forecasting of Potentially toxic Diatom Blooms in California and the Chesapeake Bay